Pierre Chareau, 1883-1950

Two screens with six and four panels in red leather and rosewood.

Provenance: the apartment of Madame Dreyfus in Paris, fitted out by Chareau in 1932.

Panels : 220 cm x 38 cm for the one – 220 cm x 24 cm for the other.

– René Herbst, ‘Un inventeur… l’architecte Pierre Chareau’, UAM Paris, ed. Salon des Arts Ménagers, Paris, 1954, p.36.
– Marc Vellay & Kenneth Frampton, ‘Pierre Chareau, architecte- meublier 1883-1950’, ed. du Regard, Paris, 1984, pp.66-86-87.
– Centre Georges Pompidou, ‘Pierre Chareau, 1883-1950’ , catalogue of the exhibition (3 November 1993 – 17 January 1994 in Galerie du Cci), Editions du Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, 1993, model used as mobile partition shown in-situ and referenced pp. 200-201.


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