MATTI SUURONEN, 1933-2013 


Suuronen said of his brainchild: ‘The Futuro brings the comfort of tomorrow to people today.’

Soundproofing and thermal insulation – secured by polyurethane foam injected inside the plastic shell – are so effective as to enable the house to weather extremes.

Fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, WC, bunks, sitting room, heating and climate control, bloc-moulded fittings guarantee maximum comfort in minimum space.

About 100 Futuro houses were made: twenty or so by Polykem Ltd. in Helsinki (Finland) and the rest under franchise in twenty-five different countries, which is why these UFOs have landed all over the planet. Depending on the production site there are some variations – base, size of port holes, interior fit-out…
Dropped by helicopter or delivered by truck, assemblage takes two days. By its visionary design, the Futuro is acclaimed today as an icon of progressive 60s-70s architecture – a quintessential piece jealously guarded by aficionado-collectors ranging from a Kiwi surfer to a Californian billionaire, who swap tips via the web and are connoisseurs of fine design.

Height: 4,40 m (base 0,60 m + shell 3,80 m)
Diameter: 7,84 m; footprint: 48,25 m²
Interior floorspace: 22,90 m²


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