‘Palmier’ pedestal table

The reinforced stucco leg is designed as a small palm tree, set on a wooden sole from which the palm rises.

The table top, in scagliola, – imitation marble, also known as stucco marble – bears an inlaid white baroque pattern, contrasting with the dark grey surround.

White stucco palms were one of Serge Roche’s signature motifs, variants recurring as standing lamps, coffee tables, consoles or pedestal tables.
Painter Ismaël de la Serna collaborated occasionally with Serge Roche, for the scagliola plateaux of tables.

There are several variants of this model, for table top or base, the pedestal table being a favourite for both Serge Roche and his clientele, present in many décors.
This exemplar has a very rare pattern on its scagliola table top. To our knowledge, it is unique.

Fine patina from daily use, the exposed wooden sole base was probably originally covered in white stucco.


Bibiography: Serge Roche, Patrick Mauriès, Galerie Chastel Maréchal, Paris 2006.Variant page 8, variants pp. 94/95, console page 96, variant with gilt base and mirror plateau page 101, variant page 131, variant page 154, variants of plateaux in scagliola pp. 144/145, 148/149.

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