Yves Mohy, 1929 – 2004
Vase sculpture, 1960s

32 x 47,5 cm.

Stoneware with pyrites fleck, upper half salt glazed, lower half left with partly raw finish. Two iron legs keep this immobile ‘spinning top’ upright, the third bearing point being the tip of the base. Signature gouged on base.

In the mid-1940s a small pioneer group of artists led by Jean and Jacqueline Lerat set up at La Borne, a remote village in the Berry region, with the idea of reviving the traditional local activity of pottery making. From the 50s up to the 80s La Borne was a well-known intellectual and artistic hotbed, attracting a great many ceramic artists and/or sculptors, who created potteries and sculptures in stoneware typified by their refined soberness of materials, tones and forms.

Yves Mohy joined the La Borne community in 1955, and it is there that he met his future wife, the ceramic artist Monique Lacroix. His stoneware pieces are outstanding for the quality of their enamel glazes and the force of their sculptural or architectural forms, some of which integrate other materials such as iron, wood or slate.

Bibliography : Magen H Gallery, LA BORNE 1940, publication


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