Charlotte Perriand, 1903 – 1999

Conference table for up to twenty persons, 1947

In the early 30s, the architect Paul Nelson collaborated regularly with avant-garde creators like Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé and Fernand Léger, all three of whom took part in the fitting out and interior decoration of the France-United States memorial hospital at Saint-Lô.
This table was a special order for the conference room.

Elliptical oblong plateau in glulam timber with light-coloured wood veneer, demountable in two parts.
Metal reinforcing armature fixed under plateau.
Twenty niches for papers formed by dropped shell under plateau run full length both sides.
Four demountable legs in glulam timber with light-coloured wood veneer, designed as ‘aircraft wing’ profiles.

The plateau designed as an elliptical oblong, with the two ‘outer’ legs more slender than the two ‘inner’ legs, confer on this outsize table a perfectly proportioned aerodynamic line.

One-off piece.
H. 76 × L. 806 × W 80/150 cm

Provenance :
– Hôpital mémorial France-États-Unis, Saint-Lô. Paul Nelson architect.

– J. Barsac, Charlotte Perriand, Un art d’habiter, Éditions Norma, Paris, 2005. Plan of table shown p. 291
– This piece will figure in Volume 3 of The complete works of Charlotte Perriand, by Jacques Barsac, currently in preparation for Éditions Norma.

Mme Pernette Perriand 
and M. Jacques Barsac have confirmed the authenticity of this table.

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