The first prototype : The Tropical Tropical house in Niamey, 1949.

Henri Prouvé architect. Order from the Compagnie Foncière et Industrielle Africaine (CFIA) through Studal.

«  This « show » building, to act as housing for the director of the college in Niamey, was intended to make up the minds of the Nigerian authorities. A vast ventilated 26 x 10 m. roof shelters two units ( for day time and night use), which are separated by a patio and surrounded by a well ventilated patio. The main structural components, such as the portal frames and the girders are in folded and welded steel sheet, all the other components ( roofing, facades, ceilings…) are aluminium. The façade components are of four types: solid panels, window panels, panels with portholes and door panels. These panels consist of two shells in 10/10 aluminium sheet, separated by insulation studs; the frames are extruded sections, insulation is by means of light-weight crumpled aluminium sheet louvers are angle-adjustable.”

P. Sulzer, 2004, p. 128.

Study for “Tropical Cities”   1947-1949

H. Prouvé architect, Jean Prouvé constructeur. Studies not completed.

The house being loaded on the “Bristol” cargo plane headed for Niamey in the Niger.

« Erection by local labour under the direction of the J. Prouvé Workshops. According to a report from Studal to the J. Prouvé Workshops, date June 1953, the house “…is occupied by two bachelors, who are engineers with the Public Works Departement. It is in excellent condition…”

P. Sulzer, 2004, p.130.

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