LE CORBUSIER (1887-1965) & DOSHI

LC-AH-07-A: Cafeteria storage unit. from M.O.A. MILL OWNERS ASSOCIATION – Ahmedabad
(LC ARCHI. 1954)


Created by B. Doshi under the direction of Le Corbusier (cf. M.0.A. letter to LC 1/09/54 and development plan, LC agency Paris). This piece of furniture of geometric mouldings refers to the standard compartments used in the creations of LC, PJ and CH. Perriand in France. Frame divided into four levels of different height, made up of thick solid wood planks. Sliding plywood doors on a rail, with rolling grips in black tinted wood. Solid wood, veneered in orange-coloured tint, different to the woods used in Chandigarh. H. 194 – L. 190 – P. 68,5 cm . Unique piece.

Bibliographie : – Eric Touchaleaume – Gérald Moreau, « Le Corbusier Pierre Jeanneret – L’aventure Indienne, Design Art Architecture » Ed. Gourcuff Gradenigo / Eric Touchaleaume, modèle référencé LC-AH-07-A, pp. 482, 607.

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