Lucien Petit, born 1957
La Borne – France

Stoneware pieces, circa 2000 (six sculptures)
Heights: 43, 52, 58, 97,5, 121, 124 cm

Lucien Petit belongs to the last generation of ceramic artists to have worked at La Borne, the old potters’ village in the Berry region that became a renowned art centre from the late 1940s on, with the impetus given by Jean and Jacqueline Lerat.

An assistant of Jacqueline Lerat from 1994 to 2009, Lucien Petit now lives and works at Boisbelle near La Borne, and is engaged in producing his own work.

Using an age-old material and traditional techniques – clay shaped and fired – his pieces lean towards sculpture and are resolutely contemporary.


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