La forêt de Tacoma, 1961 – 1966

Bronze with beautiful verdigris patina owing to prolonged exposure to maritime climate, posthumous casting, bears the sculptor’s signature and the stamp of the founder TEP n° 1/8.
Dimensions: 254 x 45,5 x 33,5 cm.

La forêt de Tacoma belongs to a set of works sculpted in wood inspired Stahly’s life-long love of forests. Among the best known from the same period are L’écho de la forêt, 1963, which is composed of four groups of sculptures that partition the public lobby at the Maison de la Radio in Paris, and of course L’été de la forêt, whose treatment is in a more primitivist vein.

Bibliography :
François Stahly, Hartmann édition, Paris, 1997, p.101, ill acajou brulé.

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